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How To Defeat Azai Nagamasa In Nioh 2 – Part Two

Azai is back to bug you, this time it is a final battle.

The Azai Nagamasa boss fight in Nioh 2 happens on two occasions, the first one makes it seem like that was the end of it but you will have to face him again when you are near the end of Nioh 2. This guide will show you how to defeat Azai Nagamasa in Nioh 2.

How To Defeat Azai Nagamasa In Nioh 2 Part Two

Azai Nagamasa comes back with a vengeance and this fight won’t be as easy as the first one since he returns in Nioh 2 during the end of the game, you are certainly going to level up a lot since then and will need to invest in stats the make it more difficult for them to defeat you.

This time around you will have to invest heavily in Constitution to make sure that your vitality is up to the mark and that you can successfully take on Azai Nagamasa for the second time. Having a stat number of 70+ in Constitution will ensure that your life has increased exponentially and that you will be able to soak in the blows dealt by Azai Nagamasa.

This will also give you much-needed resistance to Poison and Paralysis, making it that much harder to take you down. You will also get more use out of weapons like Spears, Switchglaives, and Tonfas.

Tips To Defeat Azai Nagamasa In Nioh 2 Part Two

Azai Nagamasa second time around is possessed by yaksha and though he has the same combat pattern, his attacks will be much harder and difficult to counter. Use the best spear that you can get your hands on but do not forget to enchant them with poison or other elements to cause added damage to the opponent.

While Azai Nagamasa has only one wing, most of his attack will be ground-based but you still need to make sure that you are aware of his spells which can creep up on you. You will get hints when you face Azai Nagamasa as to what sort of attack he is planning, all you have to do is dodge them successfully.

Let Azai Nagamasa attack you, dodge those attacks and then return with an answer of yourself, do this repeatedly and you will eventually be successful.

Azai Nagamasa Drops In Nioh 2 Part Two

  • The title “Azai Nagamasa Smasher”
  • Otegine
  • Tosa Governor’s Waistguard
  • Lumicite Crystal x1

This is all there is to know about how to defeat Azai Nagamasa In Nioh 2 Part Two.