How To Create Music In Dreams PS4

Create your own music

Dreams PS4 allows you to create your own unique game with elements and music. The game is designed to explore endless possibilities one can imagine. If you are creating your own Dreams and want to add some life then Music the best thing to go for. In Dreams PS4 you can create your own music or pick one from the collection by the developer. In this guide, you will learn how to create music in Dreams PS4.

How to create Music in Dreams PS4?

From the Dream Dream Shaping Menu in Dreams PS4 go to Browse and Create. Then select Music by sliding to the right side. Music section allows you to use elements like Phrases & Loops, Track, Remix, etc. Inside the Music section, you will have two major choices. Start Fresh options will allow you to create your own music in Dreams PS4 while you can pick a collection f sound from Media Molecule (MM Music) section.

  1. To create your own music select Start Fresh in Music Section. In the new screen on the top, you will see a few buttons like Search, Music Timeline, Volume, Play, etc. Select the Music Timeline.
  2. Grab a Music Timeline and drag it down. Press L1 + X to open the Timeline Canvas. Now you have an Audio Timeline to add sounds to create a piece of custom music in Dreams PS4.
  3. You can adjust the size of the Music Timeline Canvas by  L1 + Dpad Left or Right. This will just zoom in and zoom out, to extend the timeline drag it from the right or left end. You will see a White Line, hold X drag it to the right. This will add more minutes to the Music Timeline.
  4. Press Square to open the Music Menu and select the Search. A new menu will appear that will allow you to search for Music, Instruments, etc. The first on the left is Search Instrument.
  5. After selecting Search Instrument from the Music Menu, you will see two major options Acoustic and Synth. Press Circle to go back once to see the group of Music by Media Molecule. Like Keyboards, Bass, Guitars, Synth, Strings, Wind and Brass, Sample Phrases and Effects, etc. Select anyone.
  6. For example, we will go with Guitars. Then pick from Acoustic or Synth. Under both, you can move your Imp over the Music piece to listen to a preview. Press X to select one.
  7. Place it on the Music Timeline, if it is your first music place it at the very beginning.

Now, this is now you can start creating your own music in Dreams PS4. The timeline is your canvas to place audio files, and press the play button to listen to the music. The timeline has columns where you can add music on the sides or on top or bottom. You can extend it simply by dragging. By Press R2 you can move and adjust the position of the music in Dreams PS4. By press D-pad Up and Down you can resize the Music file by adding minutes or reducing its playtime.

How to customize Music in Dreams PS4?

Dreams PS4 also gives you an option to customize existing music to something different. The customization menu is vast and complicated, so there is one of thing to do. After getting a timeline and placing a music file if you do not like the sound or want to change here is what you have to do to customize music in Dreams PS4.

From the Timeline select the audio file and then press L1 + X to open the music file. It will display a small screen with shapes in different colors. The center part is the base music. If you press any key when you are Imp in the center it will play the default audio. Now if you move the imp over the colored shape like a yellow circle, it will play a different kind of sound. Using this screen you can customize the music and add some cool effects.

If you do not want those effects press Left Joystick and move the imp over the music effect and press Triangle to remove it. Now you have the music with a base instrument, to spice it up  press Right Joystick and you will see an additional menu. This new menu is in the form of two circles, one which is controlled by the Left Joystick allows you to choose Chords and the second one with Right Joystick allows you to choose the scale.

How to change the Playback Speed in Dreams PS4?

After doing all major changes if you think the music is too fast or slow, you can modify the playback speed of the block from the Timeline. Press L1 + Square while your Imp is on the Timeline. It will open Timeline Playback Properties Menu. Below Timeline Color you will see Playback Speed, drag the button to increase or decrease the audio speed.

To modify the speed of only a Music Block not the entire timeline press R1 + Square on the music piece and you will see a similar menu. This menu will allow you to modify volume, speed, and sound type. You can repeat the same music by hitting the loop button.

So this is how you can create your own music in Dreams PS4, there is still a lot more to learn. The best way to start is to pick from ready to use audio samples by the developer.