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How To Craft Netherite In Minecraft & Three New Nether Biome Locations

Make your weapons lot more stronger

What is Minecraft netherite?  How to craft Netherite Gear in Minecraft?  We have all the answers in this Minecraft guide. A recent major update of Minecraft added an all-new Netherite resource in the game. Minecraft Update version 1.16 added the new Netherite material in the game.  In this How To Craft Netherite In Minecraft guide you can learn everything about these new resources, how to find Netherite, how to locate the three new nether biomes and everything. So let’s begin.

What is Netherite in Minecraft?

For a long time, Diamond is considered as the top resource in Minecraft, but now it is not. Minecraft recently updated added a new resource called Netherite which can make your Diamond gear stronger and long-lasting. This new resource is added in the latest Minecraft Java Snapshot and soon it will be widely released on various other platforms.

Netherite is tough to find a resource in Minecraft, being a high-level material a little effort is required to locate it. You can use the resource to upgrade your Diamon Gear.

Where to find Netherite in Minecraft?

Netherite in Minecraft is can be found in three New Biomes, they are the Crimson Forest, Soulsand Valley, and the Warped Forest.  At Crimson Forest look for a wooden location with strange vegetation. There will be a new creature Crimson Spore, just follow your way to the area to find the resource. If you are in Soulsand Valley then you can find it in various places. The biome here is made from Soul Sand and Soul Oil. Just find the area with skeletons roaming around and you will look for scattered fossils on the ground.

In Warped Forest search for a wooded area, similar to the one you will find in  Crimson Spore. This place can be considered as safer compared to the others. So if you do not want to engage much into battle then you can start looking in the Warped Forest for Netherite.

How to craft Netherite in Minecraft?

You can use Ancient Debris to craft Netherite in Minecraft, it can be found in different biomes, some of the locations are shared above.  It is right to say that Netherite is better than Diamonds, and if you are desperate about upgrading gears then you cannot miss this vital update. Below is Netherite Crafting Recipe.

  • 4x Nether Scrap
  • 4x  Gold Ingots

After finding the items go to Crafting Table and place the resource to craft Netherite Ingot in Minecraft. To craft, Nether Scrap locate Ancient Debris in Nether and use Minecraft blast furnace to craft it.

What are the effects of Minecraft Netherite?

Items crafted from Netherite in Minecraft carry high enchantment value (less than gold). The tools created from the resources are better and more durable. Stronger than tools made out of Diamond. And if we talk about weapons crafted from Netherite in Minecraft them we are talking about the strongest weapon to date. Netherite weapons can deal higher damage and Netherite Armor is tougher. It is durable and can last longer than any regular Diamond gear. If you have a Netherite Armor in Minecraft then it will really tough to knock you down because of knockback resistance. Netherite items do not sink in Lava, so sometimes you can retrieve them back.

How to play Snapshots – Minecraft Java Edition

  • Download and install Minecraft Launcher on your PC. Then click on Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Look for Installable Tab, right next to Play.
  • Add a tick on Snapshot Box and you will see a Latest Snapshot added to your launcher.

You can now play the latest snapshot where you can test new features of Minecraft.