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How To Contact Roblox Support? (2023)

If you want to contact Roblox but not sure how to go about it, this guide will show you the way.

Wondering how to contact Roblox? You may need to know their contact details like email address/phone number if you’d like to ask them a question, need some support or help. There are multiple ways to reach out to them, but there’s one that can guarantee a response from the team, even though it might take a few days. Take a look all the methods below.

How to Contact Roblox?

roblox support page contact us

You can contact Roblox via their Support page. All you have to do is head to the link via PC or mobile, add your contact information like your username, email address and then mention the issue you are facing. Choose the device you are facing the problem, the category (billing, purchases, login issues) and describe the problem. Once done, hit Submit and wait for a response from Roblox.

Is there an Email Address for Roblox?

[email protected] is one of the mail email IDs of Roblox but you should not use this address to send your concerns. Use the Support form because that’s how you can get a response from the team. There are some more emails like [email protected] and [email protected] but again, instead of emailing them, the Support form is what you should go for.

Is there a Phone Number for Roblox Support?

You might find some phone numbers online, one of which is (888) 858-2569 but note that it’s only for those who want to submit a DMCA claim. This phone number is for those who are a copyright owner or an agent of a copyright owner and believe that any content on Roblox infringes upon your copyrights. For other issues related to your account, billing etc, avoid calling on this number.

Due to the sheer number of active Roblox users that exist, it will not be possible to take calls from those that are facing issues. So, your best bet is the official Support page.

Before contacting Roblox, make sure to head to this FAQ page created by the devs to get answers to some questions. On this page, you will find some major categories like “Customizing your Avatar”, “Technical Issues” and “Building on Roblox” and upon clicking on one, you will be taken to another page where you will see some specific questions. There’s a good chance you will find the answer to your question via the Help articles.

That’s all about the different ways to contact Roblox. Don’t forget to check out our massive list of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes that you can use to get freebies this month.