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How To Complete The Lost Outsiders Side Mission in Gears 5

Stuck with Mission 5?

Jack in an indispensable ally in Gears 5 and the more you upgrade it, the better he gets which will help you as there are multiple ways in which Jack can help. This guide will show you how to complete the Lost Outsiders side mission in Gears 5.

How to complete the Lost Outsiders Side Mission in Gears 5


The Lost Outsiders Side Mission isn’t available when you first start the Gears 5, you will actually have to go through some of the game before you can get to it. You will need to find the Outsiders Campsite.

As you get in Act 2 of Gears 5, you can find the settlement on your way to the settlement, which makes it hard to miss. Once you get there simple search for the collectible Note.

The Notes states that a bunch of Outsiders have left Riftworm Village and are going to the North to start a new life, by using the comms tower to deliver a message.


This will Kait, decide that she wants to track them down and you have to reach the comms tower which is in the north and east.

We suggest that you first go to the east comms tower, and just before you head straight into the tower instead, go to the East Tower Substation. The entrance for which you can find to the left of the path which leads to the tower.

Inside find Lena’s body and another collectible titled “SECURITY MEMORANDUM” in the corner which will have the access code to the other substations on the map.


Now you need to go to the North Comm Tower Substation, once you get there again repeat the earlier process and head to the North Tower Substation before going inside the tower, which will be on the right side.

There is a keypad on the door which you unlock by entering the code found earlier, there is also a note from Lena which says Norsko has been podded and they’ve had to lock him inside.

You will then need to go inside and defeat the Juvie, after which you will need to open the safe which will have an upgrade for Jack inside.


This is all there is to know about how to complete the Lost Outsiders Side Mission in Gears 5.