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How To Complete The Consume Glitched Foraged Items In Fortnite

Glitched Foraged Items Location

Fortnite likes to keep its player base happy with tons of challenge and Season X brings many new challenges for players to complete in Fortnite. Week 4’s Smash and Grab challenges were unique and there is a new batch right now called Junk Rush.

These challenges are time-sensitive which means you only have limited time to act upon these and get the bonus attached to them.


How to complete the consume glitched foraged items in Fortnite.

The first Junk Rush challenge requires you to consume glitched foraged items, this is a new type of consumable introduced to the game and the most difficult part is knowing where to find these glitched items.

Glitched Foraged Items Location


You can find foraged items all over the island, but in order to get your hands on the glitched variants of these things, you will have to land at a specific spot on the island.

This means that since it is only one particular spot you will have to keep an eye as there will certainly be tons of players there trying to complete this challenge.

You will need to visit the rec center where the indoor soccer field is located. A Rift Beacon used to hover around this place which exploded and resulted in the glitched foraged items.


The location is towards the western region of the map between Snobby Shores and Neo Tilted.

Once you land there, all you have to do is consume 5 of these glitched foraged items to successfully complete the challenge. There is an upside though as you can complete this challenge across different matches.

Make sure that you hurry and get this done as it won’t be there for long.


This is all there is to know about how to complete the consume glitched foraged items in Fortnite.

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