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How to complete Pain & Gain exotic quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is here and with it comes tons of quests, one of which is Pain and Gain, this is an exotic quest and completing will reward you with an exotic weapon. This guide will show you how to complete the Pain and Gain exotic guest in Destiny 2.

How to complete Pain & Gain exotic quest


You can start Pain and Gain right after buying the Shadowkeep expansion pack, all you need to do is to the Tower and talk to Banshe-44. He will offer you this quest as an item. You will need to complete three objectives for this quest.

Joy in Suffering – EDZ lost sector, heroic public event, nightfall strike

As mentioned earlier you will need to complete three objectives to complete the quest and get the exotic weapon, all three are relatively easy. You will find a lost sector in every landing point in the European Dead Zone. All you have to do is simply land there and open up the map.


As far as heroic event, you can choose any so make sure that you select the one that you can trigger, this is fairly simple to do so.

Nightfall is by far the most difficult aspect of this quest, so pick the one available and gather a good fire team, having good communication will ensure a swift victory.

Risk Reward – Defeat Dusk captains


For the final part you will have to go to the EDZ, the mission is called Risk/Reward and you will have to defeat 3 Dusk Captains before taking on the Walker.

The Captains will be a bit difficult to spot to make sure that you first takedown as many lesser enemies as you can, this will trigger them to spawn. Taking multiple down will spawn an enemy called Captain, House of Dusk. Defeat him and repeat the process until there are none left.

Once you finish the quest you will get an exotic rifle, you will need to talk to Banshe-44 again though. This is all there is to know about how to complete Pain & Gain exotic quest. Do check our other Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Wiki Guides, Tips and Tricks only on GamerTweak.