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How To Complete the GTA Online Secret Casino Missions

Rockstar has always been known to add a few secrets here and there when it comes to making groundbreaking videogames that change the entire industry, but they have been sneaking in secret missions in their games too. If you’re playing GTA Online, there’s a hidden mission in the casino which the game never tells you and you will need to unlock them.

If you are looking for a new set of challenges, get ready to jump right in as this guide will show you how to complete both GTA Online secret casino missions. There is a lot of heavy drinking involved so make sure that your character is bright and sober before you begin.

How To Complete the GTA Online Secret Casino Missions

There are two missions and we’ll be pointing out how to activate these missions and how to complete them in the easiest way possible, but knowing that GTA Online is Rockstar property, get ready for some madness.

Damage Control

The first mission is called Damage Control and it can be activated from inside the casino itself, all you have to do is enter the main casino bar or the bar in your Penthouse. Once there, order a Macbeth Whisky Shot, as soon as you drink you will start to blackout.

While normally, blacking out would get you to places this time you wake up should be looking for the scenario where you wake up at the side of the road. You will need to keep trying this multiple times until you get this scenario.

Once you wake up, you will have the casino manager Ms. Baker call you up and yell at you for being drunk and creating a ruckus. While your blackout, the story tells that you have stolen a delivery truck and all you have to do to complete the mission is to retrieve and bring it back.

You will sober up soon enough and all you have to do is simply locate and drive the truck back to the casino. There are no special rewards attached to this mission.

Under The Influence

The second secret mission is called Under the Influence and like before, in this mission you have to get drunk. But there’s a bit of a difference. In this mission, you can choose any bar that you prefer or is close to your location.

Your goal is to order to consume several alcoholic drinks without blacking out, so maybe stay away from the Macbeth Whisky Shot. Once you are visibly drunk and inebriated. Call up Ms. Baker and choose the Request Work option.

This involves a bit of luck and if you’re lucky the secret mission, ‘Under the Influence’ will begin. In this mission, your objective is to deliver a vehicle to the casino.

But before you get in the target vehicle and drive off, you will need to keep two things in mind, 1. You are drunk and will be in this state until you finish the mission. 2. This is a marked car and the police have set up roadblocks that you have to avoid.

So, with this information, find an alternative route to the casino and deliver the car. There is no special reward attached to this mission, but it is still fun to do so.

This is all there is to know about how to complete the secret GTA Online missions, make sure to check out other guides and features on GTA Online right here at GamerTweak.