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How to Change Your Appearance in Dragon Quest Builders 2

Get a different look

Stylizing your character in your own vision adds a bit of your own personality to the game and you can change the appearance of your characters in Dragon Quest Builders 2 as per your wishes. This guide will show you how to How to Change Your Appearance in Dragon Quest Builders 2.

Adding a bit of style never hurt anybody but in order to change your appearance in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you will have to work a bit towards it.


How To Customize Character In Dragon Quest Builder 2

Firstly, you will have to unlock the recipe for the Dressing Table which you will find in the Khrumbul-Dun story island. Once you have that you can use a workbench and begin crafting a Dressing Table.

You can place the Dressing Table as per your liking it does not have to be a specific spot so find a place that you go to frequently so that you can change your appearance as many times as you wish.


Once the Dressing Table is finished, simply go near and press the button which is being prompted to change your looks.

You can find options like changing the gender of your character, skin color, hairstyle, eye color, etc.

This is a creative process so make sure that your character stands apart from the rest of the people in the game.


You can also change the clothes, accessories and or weapons that you have at the Dressing Table.

This is all there is to know about changing appearances in Dragon Quest Builders 2.