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How to Change PUBG Mobile Lite To US Server

PUBG Mobile Servers Cheat

PUBG Mobile Lite is built on PUBG game offering you a lighter version on a game based on Unreal Engine. Are you looking for how to change PUBG Mobile Lite to the US server? Then there are is a guide on the same. You can modify the PUBG Mobile Lite server to any region of your choice. There is a small PUBG Mobile Lite cheat that will help you to switch to servers of the US or other regions and compete with regional players.

How to Change PUBG Mobile Lite Server?

PUBG is an online multiplayer game, it detects your region and matches you with regional players. So if you are in India you can compete against Indian players based on your geo-location. The game settings do not provide advance options to configure the PUBG Server and choose the region of your choice. But this does not mean you cannot connect to a different PUBG Mobile Server. Here is a trick or cheat to change the PUBG Mobile Lite server. You can connect to a US server and compete against players in the USA or choose any other region of your choice.

  1. Download a VPN App from Google Play Store.
  2. A VPN is free to use an app that will help you to hide your existing location.
    For example, try ExpressVPN, an easy to use APP that completely hides your Mobile Location with max security.
  3. Launch PUBG Mobile Lite. It is recommended to create a new account.
  4. You can try with your existing account also, but if you are unable to reach the US server, start with a new account.
  5. Or simply log-out first, launch the VPN app, choose a region and then launch the game.
  6. Login again and start playing.

The problem of using VPN?

If you are using an outdated app you will face latency issues. You have to pick a high-quality VPN that can offer you the lowest possible ping. Play it on Wi-fi connection and you won’t notice the difference. But on the mobile network, there are chances you will see lags or disconnection issues.

Using the above method you can change PUBG Mobile Server and play with players of other regions. It is the best way to test your skills.