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How To Catch The Vampire Squid In ACNH?

Here's everything you need to know about the Vampire Squid in ACNH - spawn timings, months of availability and how to catch it.

The wave 1 of the summer update has been quite eventful with the addition of swimming, introduction of Pascal, task of finding pearls and getting Mermaid DIY recipes. Plus, July has brought a lot of new bugs to the Northern Hemisphere, like the Horned Atlas, Blue Weevil Beetle and more. We’re eager to experience everything in this wave of update but what we are most excited for is diving and catching sea creatures. Yes, all 40 of them. In this guide, we will focus on one such sea creature and that is the Vampire Squid. In case you are having trouble catching it, this guide on how to catch the Vampire Squid in ACNH will help you out.


Vampire Squid in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Based on the hemispheres, this is the availability of the Vampire Squid in ACNH.

  • Northern Hemisphere: May, June, July, August
  • Southern Hemisphere: November, December, January, February

It does have some specific spawn timings and they are from 4 pm to 9 am. It is sufficient time to catch this sea creature but there’s something that makes it slightly tough to catch – its speed. Its large shadow underwater will move very quickly and you must dive at the right time to grab it. A good trick to use for such fast sea creatures is to swim towards the moving shadow normally and then quickly dive and get your hands on it. This strategy will take some time to perfect. But once you manage to do it, catching fast sea creatures will be a breeze.

After you catch this squid, you have a choice of donating it to Blathers’ Museum or selling it. Note that it is quite a valuable sea creature and it will get you 10,000 Bells on selling it.


This is all about the Vampire Squid in ACNH. While you are here, find out how to catch an Octopus in Animal Crossing New Horizons.