How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield

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Mewtwo is probably the strongest Pokemon ever there is and its legendary status makes it one of the most wanted Pokemon of all time, every trainer wants to get their hands on Mewtwo and if you want one to, this guide will show you how to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

How to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Mewtwo, the legendary Pokemon is probably the toughest you can catch as a trainer, and the developers have paid to this detail and made it incredibly difficult to get your hands on Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

As it was recently announced, Mewtwo will soon be joining the Max Raid Battles to celebrate Pokemon Day. It is for certain that Mewtwo will be a level 100 and you will need your best Pokemon at hand to take down Mewtwo.

But even if you manage to defeat Mewtwo, you will not be able to catch Pokemon as the game itself won’t allow you. Instead, Mewtwo will go back to its den after the Max Raid Battle.

This leaves players with only one method of catching Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield. First, you will need to download the Pokemon Home App on either your phone or Nintendo Switch.

Once downloaded, you can then proceed to transfer Mewtwo to Pokemon Home if you have it in Pokemon Let’s Go. As Pokemon Go still won’t let trainers transfer their Pokemon you are only left with one choice.

The developers are working on a method where you will be able to transfer your Pokemon from Pokemon Go to Pokemon Sword & Shield. This is all there is to know about how to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Sword & Shield.

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