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How To Carry More Grenades In Borderlands 3

Increase your Explosive Slots

Blowing up enemies is always fun in games like Borderlands 3, where if you have enough grenades it is easier to clear the battleground. My only strategy to deal with bosses that work most of the time throws an grenade first and then start shooting. During the start of Borderlands 3, you can carry limited explosives but you can start upgrading to the higher number once you unlock Marcus’s store. In this guide, you will learn how to carry more grenades in Borderlands 3.

How to Increase Grenade Slot in Borderlands 3


From the store you can buy one additional slot to keep grenade in Borderlands 3, this is unlocked until you reach Chapter 4 where you will meet Marcus and help him to pull out fire from the ship. The shop has two machines on the left and right and one desk on the front to buy upgrades. From there you have to purchase Grenade SDU which will permanently increase the grenade slot by 1. There are in total 8 Upgrades you can buy from the Store.

  • 4 Grenades – $1,000
  • 5 Grenades – $3,000
  • 6 Grenades – $9,000
  • 7 Grenades – $27,000
  • 8 Grenades – $81,000
  • 9 Grenades – $243,000
  • 10 Grenades – $729,000
  • 11 Grenades – $2,187,000

Max you can carry 11 Grenades at a price of $2,187,000. Yes, that is a pretty high price and if you want to full cost of upgrades then check out this guide – Cost Of Every Upgrade In Borderlands 3. With every one slot, the cost rises to almost two times and it does not stop till you got all 11 Grenades slots unlocked. I found the price uneven, and if you see the upgrade chart in the linked guide, the price remains the same for almost all upgrades.