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How To Capture Villages & Defend Your Village In Ancestor Legacy PS4

Village Tips

Conquering different lands to enlarge your kingdom is a part and parcel towards being remembered as one of the biggest kingdoms and you get the chance to do so in Ancestors Legacy, this guide will show you how to conquer and defend villages efficiently in Ancestors Legacy.

How to conquer villages efficiently in Ancestors Legacy


You will need to know the place in and out before you can plan a successful attack, make sure that you have scouted the area before and are well aware of the strategic places and traps.

To launch a siege use ranged troops which will add benefits of attacking the village from a distance, using siege weapons is a must during such events. Try to focus on archery towers as they can be troublesome and taking them out will ensure that your entire troops do not get depleted.

Lure your enemies into traps, make sure that once you know the place well, you have laid traps so that the charging enemies can easily fall into these traps and get taken out before you can send in your army.


Burn enemy buildings on fire, this will ensure that people rush out of them and that there isn’t any surprise element which can halt your progress. Burn everything in sight which can be lit on fire. Take on buildings which have troops in them or walls places strategically. Buildings which recruit troops should be taken down at the soonest so that they do not keep sending enemies.

Make sure that you complete the task at hand, do not leave the battleground mid-way through, make sure that you have set up a plan in place, follow it and make changes to it when necessary.

How to defend villages in Ancestors Legacy


You will need to keep an eye on all your conquered villages to make sure that they aren’t under attacks. Enemies will try to take back their land so be on the lookout for retaliation of sorts. Set up archery towers which can take on enemy troops at distance and down a large part of them.

Alarms help alert the villagers who can, in turn, help you in battles, they will help you in slowing down enemies and also carry out their own attacks.

Place traps strategically enough to know that your enemies are left without option and that they try to attack you from the place where your traps are in place.


Place a Shieldbearer unit near a settlement. Enemies might send ranged units and your other troops might be helpless in this situation, this is where you will need an army.

This is all there is to know about how to conquer and defend villages efficiently in Ancestors Legacy.