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How To Call For A Screen In NBA 2K20

Get more space

Basketball has always been heart pumping with end to end action to an all-time high, but to score some magnificent points you will often wish that there wasn’t someone guarding you at all times, this guide will show you how to call for a screen in NBA 2K20.

How to call for a Screen in NBA 2K20


Calling a screen is not difficult at in NBA 2K20, all you have to do is hold L1 for PS4, LB on Xbox One and L on Switch and a teammate will come over to shield the player you are in control of.

What this does is open you up to get a bit more freedom on the court where you can easily run-up to the basket and get your dunk in.

You can hold on to the screen button as long as you wish, but it works best if you use other options along with it too.


Pressing R1 on PS4, RB on Xbox One and R on Switch will let you swap between a roll and a fade move, which will further open up space in other parts of the court.

Pressing the Left Thumbstick will let you change the angle fo the screen which will open up further avenues for you.

The more you change the play and open up space for your team the more freedom you will have to score which will help you immensely.


This is all there is to know about how to call for a screen in NBA 2K20.