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How To Break Green Crystals: Borderlands 3 Bounty Of Blood

Want to know how to easily break green crystals in Borderlands 3 bounty of Blood DLC? Then read this simple guide to find out.

In Borderlands 3: Bounty of Blood DLC, you will see some green crystals that you need to break but there is a certain prerequisite for it. You have to cover a part of the game to gain the power to break the green crystals. In this guide, we will explain what you have to do to get this ability.

How to Destroy Green Crystals in Borderlands 3: Bounty Of Blood?


Many a times, these green crystals will be in your path. You might feel that they are just a part of the background but soon enough, they will end up being important. You have to break them in order to reach the items on the other side.

To get the ability to destroy them, you need to continue playing the main story until you reach a particular point. When you reach the Ashfall Peak location, keep going and soon, you will meet Titus, an NPC. He is in a bit of a problem, as you can see below.



Titus has been put behind bars and has no way out. He will need your help to get out of a wall made of, you guessed it, the same green crystals. Talk to Titus to understand how he was imprisoned and when he has told you all about it, he will give you some new tech. He will teach you how to use this tech in order to help him escape. That’s how you will learn to break green crystals in Borderlands 3 Bounty of Blood. Basically, it will let you destroy them with melee attacks. In the mission, once you break the crystals, the door will blast open and you can then go ahead and rescue Titus.

So, this is all about breaking these crystals. For more tips and tricks, check out our Borderlands 3 guides right away.