God Of War: How To Beat Sigrun (Boss Guide)

Having trouble beating the queen of Valkyries Sigrun? Check out this guide to learn how to defeat her.

Sigrun is one of the toughest bosses in God of War that you can defeat for some good loot. Unlike some other bosses in God of War Sigrun is an optional boss that you can summon in Council of Valkyries to fight. But she is also the one that gives you quite a challenge, so if you love tough boss fights you shouldn’t skip this. So let us take a look at how to beat Sigrun in God of War.

How to Beat Sigrun in God of War

how to defeat sigrun in god of war
Image Credit: God of War Fandom

In order to beat Sigrun, it is best to learn her moveset. Learning her moveset will not only help you understand when to dodge but also help you know when you should attack. Also, remember that for this fight your shield will be a big help, so be ready to use it often.

Sigrun will start attacking you using her wings, her wing attack pattern is as follows.

  • Individual wing strikes.
  • Spin attack.
  • Wing strikes + Spin attacks.

After the above-mentioned attacks, she could do any of the following attacks.

  • Scythe Wave: Sigrun will sweep a wave with her scythe towards Kratos. You can dodge it by timing your roll to either side based on where the attack is coming from.
  • Shooting Yellow Projectiles and Magic disks: When you see multiple projectiles incoming you can block them. But if you see a single one incoming then it’s best to dodge it.
  • Throwing Ice Shards: Just like the yellow projectiles, you can block multiple ice attacks. But if you see a large ice block coming towards you dodge it.
  • Scythe Spin attack: She will rush towards Kratos and slash using her Scythe.
  • Leaping on Kratos: She will jump on Kratos in an attempt to grab him. Dodge this attack and you will get room to hit her.
  • Making Shield of her wings: As the name suggests she uses her wings as a shield. While this isn’t the attack in itself, she attacks after raising her wings.
  • Black smoke Projectiles: Sigrun also shoots black smoke like projectiles that you can block.
  • Fire on the ground: Sigrun will raise her hand and you will see fire burn on the ground. Dodge this as it will ignite and do a lot of damage. After this dodge, be prepared to dodge the second attack of Sigrun.
  • Levitating and doing a ground pound: She will use her staff for pounding the ground.
  • Staff attack: As the name suggests Sigrun will use her staff to attack Kratos. Her attacks also have the ability to blind Kratos.
  • Flying with a dash: When you see Sigrun fly and dash towards you dodge it. That is because she is aiming for your face and if she catches it, then she will make sure Kratos gets a taste of the dirt.
  • Stabbing after dashing: This is one of her ground attacks where she rushed towards Kratos. And follows up with a stabbing attack.
  • Blind attack: This will make the entire arena foggy and make you lose sight of her.

And that is not all the above were just individual attacks, Sigrun also combines some of those above attacks. But the sooner you learn these individual attacks pattern the faster you will learn how to deal with her. The main goal is to learn when her guard is down so you can attack.

The next thing you should focus on is conserving your health. An important tip is to use your Runic attacks and Spartan rage when necessary, for example when you get an opening on her. This will allow you to make the most of them.

So the biggest tip I would suggest here is to focus on learning her moveset and not attack at all in the beginning. This will help you learn exactly when to attack between her attacks. Once you master this, you will know when to attack and the fight should be a breeze.

That sums up this guide on how to defeat Sigrun in God of War. If this guide was helpful then you should also check our other guides on how to get Smoldering Ember and how to get the anchor of fog.