How to Beat Matsunaga Hisahide in Nioh 2 – Boss Fight Guide

Find out how you can defeat this crazy boss

Matsunaga Hisahide is a nimble boss that you will encounter in Nioh 2. Your intention is to beat him and take the Itokuri, which is basically a spider Guardian spirit. In this guide, we will tell you some tactics you can use to beat Matsunaga Hisahide.

How to Defeat Matsunaga Hisahide in Nioh 2

  • This samurai will throw bombs at you, attack you with swords and create absolute mayhem. He will not go down without a huge fight. You will have to face him in the Master of the Three Evils mission. Since he is such a tough boss, you need to be level 80 if you want to beat him.
  • Before you initiate a fight with Matsunaga Hisahide, ensure that you have everything you might need in the fight including magic, gear and poison.
  • When Matsunaga Hisahide tries to attack you with his move where he will sprint towards you and catch you in his grasp, dodge this attack quickly. After you dodge him, wait until he flies up and comes back down and start attacking him intensely.


  • Matsunaga Hisahide will also use his Guardian Spirit in the fight, where the spider will release his web on the floor. If you walk into this web, your stamina will reduce, so be careful.
  • When he charges at you with dual swords, swerve and then keep attacking at a high speed. If he decides to throw pink and green bombs towards you, back away to avoid those attacks.
  • If you think that Matsunaga Hisahide is about to unleash a massive bomb attack on you, simply retreat and wait it out.
  • When he’s about to take out a bomb from his pocket, make sure to take a plunge while the bomb is mid-air.
  • You can Burst Counter right before he is about to connect with you after which he will fall to the floor. You can press triangle to deal damage during this time.
  • At various points in the fight, you will have to quickly decide if you have to dodge the attack, move forward to hit or back off. Sometimes he will pretend to die and disappear. Don’t lower your guard during this time because he will reappear and attack you.
  • After you defeat him, you will get the option to speak to him and get the spider Guardian spirit.

Defeating Matsunaga Hisahide essentially needs good timing and quick decision-making. If you do this, you will beat him easily. For more such tips and tricks, do check out our Nioh 2 guides.