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Nioh 2 Boss Fight: How to Beat Honda Tadakatsu

A formidable enemy

You will encounter Honda Tadakatsu in the mission called Horns on Head, Dragonfly in Hand. He is a difficult enemy who will attack you with a spear as well as a spirit animal that releases lightning. In this guide, you will know to defeat Honda Tadakatsu in Nioh 2.

Honda Tadakatsu Boss Fight Tips


If you want to take this samurai down, you need to be at level 52. The first thing you should do is buff and shoot an arrow/bullet right to Honda Tadakatsu’s face. This will make him drop to the ground due to the damage caused. Right at that moment, run towards him and attack him.

He is a human, so you need to paralyze him or use poison on him to make him weak. Keep checking his stamina bar because once it is low, a window of opportunity of attacking him opens up.

Honda Tadakatsu can heal, so remember to unleash attacks on him while he is healing. A reindeer will appear around him which is a clear sign that he is about to start healing. So make the most of his vulnerability during the healing animation and get all your attacks in.


He will also create an area of lightning on the ground using his Guardian spirit. If you are caught in it, you will get affected. What you need to do is run from it and run towards him from the other side.

Dodging is extremely important in this Honda Tadakatsu boss fight because his spear attacks are nothing short of deadly, even from a distance. They are unblockable so timing is key. Keep moving from one place to another. As play, you can take note of all of his attacks and find out how to successfully avoid them. In one of his attacks, he will shove his weapon on the ground and then throw a big rock towards you. Make sure to dodge this because it will deal damage.

These were some of the tips for the Honda Tadakatsu boss fight in Nioh 2 and hints on how you can defeat him. Keep reading more such helpful tips in our Nioh 2 guides.