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How To Beat Dr Strange In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

The toughest boss

Dr. Strange in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Black Order is consumed by Dormammu and turns into an evil sorcerer. His is tough to beat with a high health bar Dr. Strange uses powerful spells against his enemies. To beat Dr. Strange in Ultimate Alliance 3 you need a perfect team and above that a perfect strategy. His spells are strong and can beat down any Super Hero in the team, fortunately, we can revive them and put them back in the fight. In this how-to defeat Dr. Strange guide I will show you some simple tricks to win Marvel ultimate Alliance 3 Doctor Strange fight.

How To Beat Dr. Strange In Ultimate Alliance 3


In the Dark Dimension after fighting through various enemies you will find Dr. Strange possessed by Dormammu. He has lost his insanity and it is extremely tough to beat him. In the Dark Dimension, you will also unlock two characters Elsa Bloodstone and Ghost Rider. Use Ghost Rider while fighting with Dr. Strange. There are two waves of the fight and both are tough. Dr. Strange is good in shielding himself, his attacks are powerful and in between Dormammu also joins the fight.

Many times your heroes will fall, you have to focus on stunning him first and then attacking him on his backside. This will keep Dr. Strange occupied giving enough time to other Heroes to revive those who are down.

Unlock ISO-8 Management


After Elsa Bloodstone joins your alliance you will unlock ISO-8 Modifications. Go in the Lab from the game Menu and select ISO-8 Management. Two things are required to modify ISO-8, Credits and ISO-8 Fragments. Modify Blue ISO-8 that will increase Extreme Attack Damage by 15.0%. You can skip this part if you are not having enough credits and materials but do scan through different ISO to increase damages. This will be helpful during the fight.

Tips to Defeat Dr. Strange

To defeat Dr. Strange your team Heroes must be around Level 21 or Level 22, try focusing on attacking from the backside. Some of these attacks are impossible to dodge. Like when he summons Dormammu and release a beam of energy that rolls through the entire arena, try jumping over it. It will consume a good amount of health. Always focus on stunning Dr. Strange first and then attack him from the backside.


When you stun Dr. Strange he will be immobile for a short period, wait for Extreme and press L+R to unleash powerful combo attacks. Ghost Rider’s extreme attack is amazing. Dr. Strange begins with a powerful fire attack. Dodge left and right, don’t be in the line of attack. He will also shield himself behind his energy ring, always attack him from the backside.

When you spot Dr. Strange and Dormammu shooting up an energy beam from both side, jump to avoid it. Attack from the backside to stun Dr. Strange, this will give a short window to your friends for revival. Using a defensive strategy against him will be the best, try to dodge and learn the patterns of his attacks.

During the fight Dr. Strange attack with Orbs, these Orbs can summon tendrils to lock you on the ground. Attack them first, to escape from a powerful attack. Focus more on releasing Heavy Attacks on him, try attacking from the backside as much as possible. Try to save your team Ultimates for the second wave.


Having Heroes around Level 21 or higher will make your job easier. It is necessary to stun him first and then attack, use Psylocke to stun Dr. Strange. One of the strategies that will work is to destroy the orbs first as fast as possible and then focus on stunning him.

The crux of Dr. Strange Boss fight in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 understands his attack patterns, dodge and then release your attacks. Plus your Heroes level must be above Level 20, close to 30 is amazing.