How To Beat 2048 Every Time

By Darwin
2 Min Read

2048 is an old classic game that pricked the logical side of our minds. It a simple to play yet complicated to master. Remember Flappy Bird? Yeah, 2048 might be just more addictive than that. Today I will show how you can beat 2048 very easily.

How to Beat 2048 Every Time


2048 plays out in a 4×4 grid where number tiles are generated. These tiles can range from 4 to 2. Using the arrow keys on PC or swiping on your Mobile Screen, you can move these tiles in one of the four directions. Tiles with the same number will add up to make another tile. For Example, 2 & 2 will make 4, 4 & 4 will make 8, and this continues till you get 1024 & 1024 to make 2048. Each tile is a power of 2 so making calculations will be easy.

The Tactic is pretty simple, using only 2 directions for the most part. What that means is your largest Tile should be in one of the corners of the grid. From there try to funnel the Tiles to that corner, merging with other Tiles as they move. Slowly as time progresses you will see that your Largest Tile will grow. Obviously, if you cant move in the direction of your choice you will have to move in the other direction. Keep in mind that your largest Tile should not move if you want to beat 2048.

These tips may seem generic but as I have stated, 2048 is a simple game to play yet complicated to master. If you even mess up your stacking, don’t sweat it. You can easily recover as long as your largest Tile is in one of the corners.

This was all about beating 2048. Hopefully, this guide has helped you reach 2048, 4096, 8192, and 16384 Tiles. You can also check out other guides on our website, Gamer Tweak.

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