Division 2 How To Change Weapon Skins And Skill Appearance

Division 2 also brings in the same thing have seen in countless games now that changing weapon skins adds a bit of flair to your gameplay and gives you the distinct look in the battle. It is always fun to carry a signature weapon customized to your liking. Though it does not boost your weapon stats, it is nice to be a bit fashionable, just like most games do these days.

Division 2 How to Apply & Change Weapon Skins

To begin changing the skin of your weapon, you need to first make sure that the weapon has a skin slot in the mods section. Like the bag packs you will need to equip weapons which are rare at the least, that means the weapons that are color-coded blue and above only can be skinned.

Once you have equipped the appropriate weapon go down to the mod screen and scroll over to the butt of the weapon which will have a circle slot while the rest are square.

Find the skin you like and apply it to the weapon to give it a more personalized look and take to the battlefield.

How to Change Skill Appearance in Division 2

Just like weapons, you can also change your skills depending on how you want it to behave. You will need to go to the inventory and highlight the skill you wish to spice up. Then you will need to enter the Mod screen and go down to the FX slot, select the FX you wish to use and apply it.

This will change how your skill behaves in action when you are on the streets of D.C

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