How To Activate Gum Utsusemi And Enhance It In Ninjala

Gum Utsusemi allows players to disguise themselves as ordinary objects in the game and get a surprise attack in getting the upper hand. Learn how to use it

Gum Utsusemi in Ninjala is a powerful move that will help you disguise yourself as an inanimate object in the game, while the offense is one of the most important factors, you should also know when to strike for added effect. This guide will show you all about Gum Utsusemi and how to enhance it.

How To Activate Gum Utsusemi And Enhance It In Ninjala

Ninjas have had a reputation of being sneaky and opportunistic and you will often need to use this strategy while going gung-ho into battle might work at times, it isn’t ideal to do that every single time.

Gum Utsusemi lets you morph yourself into an inanimate object which you can then surprise your opponents with. You have two sets of controls where you can morph into something else and read below on how to do it.

To use the Gum Utsusemi you will need to set it first, all you have to do is press right on the d-pad and then press down on the d-pad to morph into your selected form.

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How To Enhance Gum Utsusemi In Ninjala

Like all other abilities in Ninjala you can also enhance your Gum Utsusemi in Ninjala and to do it, you will need to apply a Shinobi Card to your character. You should apply the Utsusemi Master to your character and this will enhance your Gum Utsusemi move.

Using this card will cause an explosion when an enemy touches and will cause damage, to upgrade this card you can do so with Assist Code and it will increase the blast area, increase the damage caused and even reveal enemy locations.

There are different types of Gum Utsusemi and you can find the following here:

Ninjala Gum Utsusemi List

Each different Gum Utsusemi form lets you transform into something different which can help you blend in the world and throw your opponents, off from figuring out your exact location.

Utsusemi Goddess

Selecting this Gum Utsusemi will help you transform into the Statue of Liberty and you can equip this to your Ninjala loadout via the equipment menu.

As soon as you activate the Utsusemi Goddess, your character will quickly disguise itself and fool your opponents.

Utsusemi Bus

Selecting this Gum Utsusemi will transform your character into a yellow little bus, this is great as the setting of the game is in an urban environment and you can blend in with the rest of the things in the background.

You can equip it to your Ninjala loadout via the equipment menu and to activate it all you have to do is press down on the d-pad.

Utsusemi Gumchi

Selecting this Gum Utsusemi will transform into an adorable little yellow alien, the process is the same to equip it to your loadout and you have to do it via the equipment menu.

Gumchi is the official mascot of Ninjala and it looks really nice to show your appreciation of the game with this Gum Utsusemi.

This is all there is to know about how to activate Gum Utsusemi and use it in Ninjala to get the surprise attack just like a Ninja in Ninjala.

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