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How Many People Play Roblox? (2021)

Find out how many people play Roblox in 2021.

Roblox has officially become the game platform with the highest number of users. Roblox is unique in the way that it allows users to make their own versions of the game without having the need of developing something completely new. With the pandemic, the game has been riding a wave of popularity much like Animal Crossing New Horizons and Among Us. As most people were indoors, gaming was one of the many pastimes people could indulge in and saw a huge spike. And with the lockdowns rolling into 2021 too, the gaming industry is still on a pretty good surge. In this guide, we exclusively look at how many people play Roblox in 2021.

How many Players does Roblox have in 2021?


How many players are using Roblox
Find out how many players the game has.

As of January 2021, Roblox has 199 Million monthly active users. In the past 18 months, the game has blown up quite literally with its userbase reaching stratospheric levels. Roblox itself has over 18 million games that are active. Around the same time last year, the game had 121 million active users.

Roblox sees a daily footfall of around 36.2 million. To put that into perspective, the game had 9 million monthly users in February 2016 when it was launched. At its recent peak, there were 5.7 million users on the platform at the same time.


In 2020, with the boost the pandemic gave, Roblox received over 80 million new users. The platform has 7 million active developers.  33% of the platform’s users come from the North American continent. That being said, around 67% of the platform’s users are under the age of 16. Europe follows North America closely in second place with a 29% market share. The game is so popular that it has registered 8.71 billion hours of user engagement, an increase of more than 6 billion in less than 2 years.

This is everything you need to know about how many Players are on Roblox. While you are here, don’t forget to check out our other Roblox guides to get all the latest tips and codes for freebies.

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