How Many Players Can Play Content Warning Co-op Game?

Not sure how many friends you can bring to play the Content Warning game? Check out here to clear all your doubts.

Just when we thought that Lethal Company had set the standards for unique survival-horror games, a new game called Content Warning was released. For those who don’t know yet, Content Warning is where you and your friends have only one goal – Go Viral. The concept is simple, go to spooky locations, record something terrifying, upload it on the internet, and go viral. Sounds intriguing, right?

This title is best experienced with friends, so find out how many players can play Content Warning game on Steam, which will help you plan out your squad easily.

How Many Players Can Play Content Warning Co-op?

Content Warning is a 2-4 player co-op game where you can invite your friends using your Steam Account. In case your squad is not available, you can join random players and have fun with them. Also, Voice Chat is available so you won’t face any trouble while communicating with teammates.

Aside from this, if you want to play Solo then you can host and start a game without inviting friends as well. But I would rather suggest you don’t because there are multiple threats out there. And if you die playing solo, your recordings will be wasted.

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How to Increase Players Limit in Content Warning

Modders have already created a mod that lets you add more than 4 players. The “Content Warning More Players Mod” makes it possible to create a lobby of up to 128 players. However, that’s only possible if all the players have downloaded this Mod. To get the download link, you will have to join’s Discord Server.

Now that you know how many players can play Content Warning, we’d want you to master this game. For that, we will be adding more guides in our dedicated section for Content Warning. Be sure to check them out for extra tips and tricks!