How Many Endings In Amnesia: Rebirth & How To Unlock All

Here's how to unlock different endings in Amnesia: Rebirth.

Amnesia: Rebirth is a horror game packed with puzzles and various elements that will make your skin crawl. The factor that adds a replay value to this game is the fact that it has multiple endings. Players are curious to know how many endings are there in Amnesia: Rebirth and what are those endings? In this guide, we have explained how to unlock all endings.

Amnesia: Rebirth – How Many Endings & How To Get Them

There are three endings in this horror title – the good ending, secret or neutral ending and the bad ending. Now, before moving into the details of those endings, here’s the spoiler warning. Major plot points will be revealed in this article. Ready to read ahead? Let’s begin.


Bad ending

To get the bad ending, here are the steps you should follow.

  • Take the child.
  • Put the baby back in the crib.
  • Go the main area with the spirit/queen.
  • She will turn you into a growling harvester.
  • Then, as this monster, you will wake up and throw the notebook filled with memories drawn by you.
  • This ending will give you the Harvester achievement.
  • Do note that this ending will also take place if you make mistakes while trying to do the other endings.

What is the Best Ending in Amnesia: Rebirth?

You and the baby end up safe in the good ending in Amnesia: Rebirth. We have covered a separate article on how to get the good ending, so head over there to check out what you need to do.

Secret ending

For the hidden ending, you have to get the baby and take the power source along the way. But after that, you have to follow the tunnels and get to pumps by using vitae on the lock. At every pump you find, you have to open the inventory and refill the injector with fluid. Now you have to put that fluid into the pumps. Do this for each pump (all three of them) and the queen will die, but so will you and the child. The red flesh will consume everything in the end.

That’s everything you need to know about how many endings in Amnesia: Rebirth including Good, Bad and Secret Multiple endings.