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How Long Does It Take To Complete Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Overall Gameplay Hours

Looking for a horror game to kill zombies, then here is Zombie Army 4 Dead War. Based on an old-school war type gameplay Zombie Army 4 Dead War is based on a Nazi army of dead soldiers who took over the world overnight. Killing many, as a soldier your job is to retaliate and save everyone from chaos. Zombie Army 4 Dead War is a pretty interesting game and brings hours of gameplay. It will also remind you of Sniper Ghost Warrior, due to a similar mechanism of shooting down zombies and watching the bullet in slow motion. If you want to know how much time does it requires to complete Zombie Army 4 Dead War then here are the details.

How long it takes to beat Zombie Army 4 Dead War

Set in the 1940 Europe era, Zombie Army 4 Dead War requires around 10 to 11 hours to complete.  This can be crunched more, less than 10 hours if you are playing in co-op. Player in a team of 4 can play this game together. Zombie Army 4 Dead War is a shooter game with a campaign divided into different chapters. There is a ranking system allowing players to Rank up and unlock new upgrades.

Zombie Army 4 Dead War will not give you a tough time in the beginning, but as you progress you have to upgrade your weapons, unlock new perks and use special abilities. This game brings a non-stop horde of zombies on the battlefield.

The game also features a ZOMBIE ARMY 4: SEASON PASS that brings 3  more levels, 4 character packs, 9 weapons bundles, 5 weapon skin packs, and 4 character outfit bundles.

On Youtube gamers who had completed the game posted a video of around 9 to 10 hours, so approx 10 to 11 hours of time is required to complete Zombie Army 4 Dead War. Sold at $18.99 on Epic Game Store, this game is worth to buy for the year 2020.