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How To Use Hit Stick In Madden 23 & Cause Fumbles

Want to get more fumbles in every match and score touchdowns? Then learn how to use the Hit Stick tackle in Madden 23.

Using the Hit Stick is one of the best ways to cause Fumbles in Madden 23. Using this defensive play will result in your player dealing a powerful tackle on the attacker to win the ball. With that being said, the Hit Stick is a high-risk-high-reward tackle. This is because the margin of error is small. If you miss it, you risk the attacker reaching the touchdown.

How to Use Hit Stick in Madden 23

get more fumbles with hit stick in madden 23

You will have to flick the right stick up on PlayStation and Xbox or press the “W” button on PC to use the Hit Stick in Madden 23. You can hit stick as soon as you approach the ball carrier or attacker. If you time it perfectly, your player will tackle the attacker and break the momentum of the play or better, cause him to fumble. Here are some tips on how to use the Hit Stick effectively.

How to Cause Fumbles with Hit Stick in Madden 23 (Tips)

For the best results, use the Hit Stick when you are two yards away from the attacker. Get used to flicking up the right analog stick as soon as you’re within that distance. If you miss it, make sure your teammates are around to pick it up. As we said before, Hit Stick is quite risky as it can leave your defense open if you are not careful. However, if you manage to make the attacker fumble, you can catch their defense on the counter and possibly score a touchdown.

Remember that if you use the Hit Attack when you’re too close, your player won’t be able to shrug off the attacker and claim the ball. The best time to do it is right after kickoff when the ball carrier charges forward.

That’s all you need to know on how to Hit Stick in Madden 23. If this guide helped you, then head to our Madden NFL 23 guides section for more.