How To Fix Call Of Duty Warzone Fatal Error

Fix the fatal error and get into the game.

Call of Duty Warone’s 6th Season is out and most of the fans are able to enjoy the overly amazing graphics of the game. Most fans because some of them are, unfortunately, experiencing a fatal error while playing the game. The error reads, “Fatal Error 0x0000000142220c20 8077539 0xc0000005 ModernWarfare.exe.” It is causing the game’s screen to freeze and enforcing players out of the game. Today, we are here to the rescue. In this error fix guide, we will discuss how to fix Call of Duty Warzone fatal error.

Call of Duty Warzone Fatal Error: How to Fix

The error occurs across all the platforms and hence is mostly said to be a bug in the game that requires a fix from the developer’s end. However, it is best to be sure that your system is not at the fault of halting you from experiencing the game. There are a few fixes that you can try to troubleshoot Call of Duty Warzone fatal error.

Look for Any Driver Updates

Graphics cards can usually be culprits for staggering almost any game and the same is true for Call of Duty Warzone. They are frequently updated to meet the needs of newly released games. Hence, the first thing you should check for is what driver your system is using, is it NVIDIA or AMD. If you don’t know which driver your system is using, follow the below steps to find out.

  • Click Ctrl+Alt+Del to go to the task manager
  • Go to the “performance” tab
  • Select GPU from the list on the left and check the name of the graphic card

Once you know the graphic card, visit their official site to manually check for any updates. If updates are available, download the latest one and install it on your system. This should help you fix Call of Duty Warzone fatal error.

Restart Your System and the Game Again

The next thing to try is shutting down your system and restart it. This will solve any issues caused during launching the game. A combination of both updating the graphics card and then restarting the game is also a great fix for the error.

Repair and Scan the Game Folder

You can try verifying your game’s integrity to fix Call of Duty Warzone fatal error. To do this follow the below steps:

  • Open Launcher
  • Click on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Click on options (at the top of the screen)
  • Hit Scan and Repair option

This will start scanning your installation package to determine any potential issues and bugs. It will also auto-repair any bugs if found.

call of duty warzone fatal issue

These are the three best fixes for Call of Duty Warzone fatal error. Most probably it would troubleshoot the problem. But as mentioned earlier, it is an issue from the developer’s end and there are chances that after all these fixes you are still facing the same error. In such a scenario, the best thing to place your bet on is to visit Activision’s support site with all your system information. They can best help you to fix the error. If none of these works, the only thing you can do is wait for any patch update that will solve the issue.

That’s how you fix Call of Duty Warzone fatal error. If you find a way around to fix the error and get into the game, you will need to complete the first Intel Mission Secret Trails of Season 6. Read our guide to find all Secret Trails Intel Mission locations in Call of Duty Warzone Season 6. While here, you can also read how to easily get the Firebrand Blueprint and Subway Easter Egg in Call of Duty Warzone.