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How To Find & Use Jedha Scrolls In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Struggling to find Jedha Scrolls and don't know where to spend them? Then check out how to get and use Jedha Scrolls in Jedi Survivor.

Jedha Scrolls are treasures that also work as a type of currency in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. When traded with a vendor, these collectibles can help you change colors and get upgrade parts for your Lightsaber. However, you won’t be able to get your first Jedha Scroll at least for the first few chapters of the game. And even after you get the scrolls, you must know where to hand them over. To save you from wasting your time, here is how to find and use Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How to Find Jedha Scrolls in Jedi Survivor

You will find your first Jedha Scroll as soon as you reach Planet Jedha in Chapter 3 of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. You will find more Jedha Scrolls scattered around different locations on Planet Jedha. As soon as you arrive on this planet, you will take up the Rendezvous with Cere’s Contact objective. During the course of this mission, you will find several Jedha Scrolls. Apart from missions, you can also explore the planet to find more of them lying around. And once you have enough, you should know where to spend your Jedha Scrolls in Jedi Survivor. As we said before, scrolls are currencies that can help you fetch amazing gear in return.

How to Use Jedha Scrolls in Jedi Survivor

Spend your Jedha Scrolls at Sister Taske’s Shop

You can use your Jedha Scrolls at Sister Taske’s shop which is located at Cere’s Archives on Jedha. You can spend your scrolls at the vendor’s shop to get specific items for your Lightsaber. So, if you plan on getting more upgrade parts for your Lightsaber, then Sister Taske should be your go-to shop. Jedha Scrolls are the exclusive currency for her shop, so collect more of them to upgrade your gear.

How Many Jedha Scrolls Are There in  Jedi Survivor

Jedha Scrolls can only be found on Planet Jedha and they are also the exclusive currency of the planet. There are a total of 50 Jedha Scrolls available for you to collect on the planet. Since we can’t add the location of all the scrolls in this article, we have a video guide to help you out. A big shout out to Game Guides Channel on YouTube for helping us with the location of the 50 Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:


That was everything we had for you on how to find and use Jedha Scrolls in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. For more guides like this, visit our Jedi Survivor section on Gamer Tweak.