How To Find Guts’ Dragonslayer Sword In Elden Ring

Read this guide to know how to find Guts’ Dragonslayer Sword from Berserk in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is filled with a variety of bosses and an equally exciting number of weapons. Some of them, in fact, take inspiration from pop culture. The game includes the Dragonslayer Sword, which was wielded by Guts from the fan-favorite Berserk manga. The 2022 GOTY winner’s developers have made this weapon available in the game to pay tribute to the late Kentaro Miura. He was the legendary artist behind the Berserk series. If you’re wondering about how to get the location of Guts’ sword in Elden Ring, then look no further. Keep reading to find out!

How to Find Guts’ Dragonslayer Sword from Berserker in Elden Ring

The sword in question is also known as the Greatsword or Guts’ sword in Elden Ring. It is one of the longest swords in the game standing at 198 cm in length. That is way higher than your character – Tarnished. To find the Greatsword in Elden Ring, you will need to head to the region of Caelid.

Caelid is situated to the northeast of Limgrave. You will first have to go to Smoldering Church. This church is located right at the border of Caelid and Northern Limgrave. The location of the church is marked on the map below:

smoldering church elden ring location

From here, simply keep heading east until you spot a black wagon. Guts’ Dragonslayer sword will be at the back of the carriage. But be wary of the enemies around the carriage before you go on to collect the sword. You will come across giant dogs and monstrous crows. Although you can weave a sigh of relief as it is not necessary to get into battle with them to get Guts’ sword. If they attack you, you can quickly collect the sword and run away from the area. If you’re still confused about where to find the Greatsword, we have marked the exact location for you:

Guts’ Sword in Elden Ring Location

location of greatsword in elden ring

That’s everything you need to know on how to find Guts’ Dragonslayer sword from Berserk in Elden Ring. For more location guides and survival tips on the game, check out our Elden Ring section on Gamer Tweak.