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How Did MrBeast Get So Famous? Youtube Success Explained

Wondering how YouTube sensation MrBeast became Famous? Here's your answer.

If you are familiar with YouTube, MrBeast is a name you would have come across many times. He is one of the most popular and controversial names in the YouTube community and along with that, he has over 17B viewers on his channel. But why are his videos this successful and what makes MrBeast famous? In this article, we will provide you with an insight into how this YouTube sensation rose to fame.

How did MrBeast Get Famous? Rise to Fame Explained

How Did MrBeast Get Famous

MrBeast started as a Youtuber from age 13 all the way back in 2012. After almost ten years in the Content Creating industry MrBeast has racked up over 103 Million Subscribers on his original YouTube channel at the time of writing. Additionally, he has generated over an estimated 17 Billion views on his channel. He also has a few other channels that have amassed a good number of followers. These are:

  • Beast Philanthropy – 10M Subs
  • MrBeast Gaming – 28.6M Subs
  • Beast Reacts – 18.9M Subs
  • MrBeast Shorts – 15.1M Subs
  • MrBeast 2 – 7M Subs

Note that the above-mentioned numbers are an approximate round-off while this article is written. But still, that does not answer how did MrBeast get famous. There are multiple reasons behind this fame that MrBeast has been receiving. But the major pillars would be the daring and unique content along with the equally attractive thumbnails on his videos. You also cannot disregard the generosity of this man.

If you see it this way, his rise to fame started with a video in which he donated $10,000 to a homeless man. This video went viral and since then, MrBeast has been creating super content without backing from his generous nature. This might bring a question as to what is the Net Worth of MrBeast – you’ll find out the answer in our linked article.

One of his most viral videos is when he re-enacted the Korean show, Squid Games in real life. The winner of the game got an amount of $456,000. Along with that, he also gifted his 100 millionth Subscriber an island.

As mentioned earlier, there are multiple factors behind MrBeast getting famous. But the top ones are definitely his creativity, unique content and his generous nature. However, best to check this out for yourself, check out his YouTube channel MrBeast.

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