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Tips & Tricks To Capture Sacred Sites in Age of Empire 4 (Control Religious Site)

Religious Locations in AoE are called Sacred Sites, they are special areas that will give you a lot of gold.

Want a regular supply of gold in the Age of Empire then focus on capturing Sacred Sites. They are special Religious Locations that will help your civilization to prosper. Capture them will fill your treasure with a regular supply of gold. If you lose control over it, it stops. If you have progressed enough in AoE4 then read our guide on tips and tricks on how to find and capture Sacred Sites easily.

How To Capture Sacred Sites?


Age of Empires 4 Religious Site

You will have to build a Religious Unit in the Age of Empire to capture a Sacred Site. Without a Religious unit, you cannot attack any Sacred site in the game. The unit will also control the site and will make sure you get gold on regular basis. If you lose the site your supply ends. So it all begins with constructing a religious unit first. It consists of a Preist or a Monk.

To unlock a Religious Unit in Age of Empires IV you will have to progress to the third age – Castle Age. There are four ages in the game, Dark, Feudal, Castle, and Imperial. During the Castle Age, you will unlock more units or buildings in the game. The religious Units are one of them. The real expansion begins in the Castle age, where you will be expanding your kingdom by unlocking new regions.


Also, this is the era where you will expand your military by constructing more powerful zones. New Town Centers will give you access to stronger units and new technologies will be unlocked. While exploring you will come across a sacred site. Before this make sure you have at least 1 Religious Unit with you. Sacred sites are easy to identify, look for flags that portray some kind of followers group. Another way to find is looking for ruins surrounding the sacred site. Follow the tips below to capture it.

  1. Always send military with your Religious Unit.
  2. Religious Units are weak and can be thrown up by other armies.
  3. Once the Sacred Site is captured you will get regular gold until you are overthrown.

Sacred Sites are easy to identify and have a white flag on them. Once you spot the site be ready to deal with attacks. They are nicely guarded, but your army will take care of the same. After finding one leave enough units to defend it because it will be under attack. Hope the guide helps you capture a ton of Sacred sites in AoE4. You can also read our guide on AoE4 Civilizations and Factions to learn more about its mechanism. This game also supports cheat codes.