How To Beat Preceptor Miriam Boss In Elden Ring (Boss Fight Guide)

Here is a guide on how to beat Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring.

Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring is single-handedly one of the toughest and most annoying bosses in Elden Ring. The NPC invader likes to hide behind other enemies as she unleashes an endless number of magic attacks. Moreover, she will start teleporting once you cross the first phase. This fight is incredibly tough for ranged and magic characters. But it is also a nightmare for players who have a melee build. We have got an easy way of beating Preceptor Miriam by using the Cheese method. Keep reading to find out.

How to Beat Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring (Cheese Method)

miriam elevator shaft

You can easily beat Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring by luring her into the elevator shaft and taking her to the lower floor. You will then need to go up with the elevator again. While trying to attack you, Miriam will fall into the pit of water below the elevator shaft and die.

The Cheese strategy is often used to win such fights easily by manipulating a flaw in the game’s design. In our case, it was the pool of water below the elevator. We were able to trap Miriam easily without taking any severe damage. To help you understand in simple terms, here is a step-by-step guide on how to defeat Miriam in Elden Ring:

  1. Once you enter the Carian Study Hall, go halfway up the stairs to engage Miriam and quickly kill the spawned enemies.
  2. Next, go close to the elevator room and hide behind the wall to keep an eye on her.
  3. Wait for Miriam to come close, the wall will act as your shield.
  4. Now, try to lure her into the elevator shaft. Move the elevator down when she is really close.
  5. Next, wait for her to drop down to the lower floor. Try running around the shaft to make her fall. If she doesn’t, send the elevator to the upper floor.
  6. Now, after a few moments, bring the elevator down. Miriam will drop down along with the elevator.
  7. Your final objective is to dodge her attacks with the help of walls around you and take the elevator back to the upper floor.
  8. Once you reach the upper floor, try moving around the shaft or the hall. Since Miriam will be drawn towards you and her attacks futile, she will ultimately fall in the pool of water below the shaft and die.

preceptor miriam cheese strategy

That’s all you need to know about how to beat Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring. For more boss fight guides like this, head to our dedicated Elden Ring section on Gamer Tweak.