How To Beat Boss Rudric In Lost Ark (Location, Spawn Timer & Tips)

Read this guide to know how to find and beat Boss Rudric in Lost Ark.

Rudric is one of the first field bosses you will encounter in the massively multiplayer online game – Lost Ark. The game describes him as a former priest of the Holy Sacrian Empire. After being banished by the empire for forbidden magic, Rudric cast a spell on himself which went horribly wrong. He is now a monster who feeds on rotten corpses and absorbs lost souls. In this guide, we will show you how to find and beat Boss Rudric in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Rudric Boss’ Location and Respawn Time

Rudric is found in a lonely graveyard, well that’s no surprise. However, getting there is not that straightforward. However, we will break it down for you in a few steps:

  • First, head to the “Rethramis Border” area on the map.
  • Next, you will have to travel to the “Regria Monastery”.
  • From here, simply start moving towards the western side until you reach the “Graveyard”.
  • After reaching here, try roaming around the southwest part of the Graveyard until you spot Rudric.

boss rudric location spawn timer lost ark

If you’re having trouble finding Boss Rudric, then there are chances that other players must have killed him before you arrived. Since Rudric is a World Boss, he will have a spawn timer. He will respawn every 30 minutes. So, if you have covered every inch of the graveyard without finding him, wait for upto half an hour. Once Rudric appears, the battle will start. But warn you, don’t take him on when you’re alone. It will be impossible to kill him single-handedly. We’ll show you how to beat Boss Rudric in Lost Ark quickly:

How to Beat Rudric Boss (Survival Guide)

A vital rule of thumb is to never approach Rudric alone. This is because he is simply quite strong and would crush you within a few minutes. He has an insanely high amount of HP. There’s simply no chance you can beat him alone. The best and only way to defeat Rudric is playing in a group. Take the help of other players by announcing Rudric’s location on the area chat. Now, your group will be able to gang up on Rudric. This will make the boss fight less difficult. Rudric has five different types of attacks in his kitty but is very slow. If you belong to the ranged class, you can easily attack him from afar. However, if you’re from the melee class, go up close and try attacking Rudric from the behind while he is distracted. After you and your group put him down, don’t forget to take the high-value dropped items.

That’s everything you need to know about how to beat Rudric Boss in Lost Ark. For more tips and survival guides like these, head over to our Lost Ark section on Gamer Tweak.