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Fortnite: Hottest Skins To Use In 2023 (Best Male & Female Character Outfits)

Here are the Hottest Skins that you can use in Fortnite.

Fortnite has a ton of character skins but not all of them can be considered to be the hottest. Looking your best might be an optional thing when it comes to video games. But it might just help you play better. And when it comes to competitive games like Fortnite, there is a good chance you will want to look your as pretty or as handsome as possible. So here are the 50 hottest male and female skins in Fortnite that you should use in 2023.


Hottest Male & Female Fortnite Skins

best male and female character skins in fortnite

Below I have selected 50 of the Hottest Skins in the game. They are not ranked in any particular order I have just listed them down as long as a character outfit is looks really good. For this list, I have selected 25 female and 25 male character outfits. Hence no matter what character you like playing as there is a skin for you to use. So without further ado here are them all:

Hottest Female Skins in Fortnite

  • Black Widow (Snow Suit)
  • Boardwalk Ruby
  • Cammy
  • Charlotte
  • Chica
  • Chun-Li
  • Demi
  • Doublecross
  • Harley Quinn
  • Haven
  • Hinata Hyuga
  • Lara Croft
  • Lyric
  • Mary Jane Watson
  • Phaedra
  • Psylocke
  • Raccoon City Jill Valentine
  • Rox
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Storm
  • Tracy Trouble
  • Vi (Arcane)
  • Winter Wonder Skye
  • Wonder Woman
  • X-23

Best Male Skins

  • Aquaman (Arthur Curry)
  • Batman Zero
  • Black Adam
  • Blackheart
  • Blue Striker
  • Clark Kent (Superman)
  • Clint Barton
  • D’ugh
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Eddie Brock
  • Ether
  • Ezio Auditore
  • Finn
  • Gambit
  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Ghost Rider
  • Green Arrow
  • John Wick
  • Kakashi Hatake
  • Loki Laufeyson
  • Menace
  • Midas
  • Ryu
  • The Ageless
  • Wolverine

Do remember this list is just made for fun. In case some of your favorite skins didn’t make this list then don’t feel bad. You can still enjoy using them.


That covers this guide on all the hottest skins in Fortnite for both male and female characters. If you enjoyed this guide then you should also check out our best Fortnite Girls Tier List. And for other help on this game be sure to check out our Fortnite section.