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Elden Ring Horseback Mounted Combat Tips

Here are the basics of mounted combat and some tips and tricks to beat enemies while on horseback in Elden Ring.

One of the first things players need to do in Elden Ring is to get themselves a mount. Once you have your horse, Torrent, you can either escape dire situations or you can use some mounted combat strategies. Today, we will take a look at some horseback combat tips that you can use in Elden Ring to take down enemies without dismounting.


Elden Ring Mounted Combat Explained

horse jump elden ring

If you are new to souls games, mounted combat can get a little tricky, but don’t worry. The following tips and tricks will help you understand how mounted combat works in Elden Ring and with enough practice, players can master this skill.


Things to keep in Mind

Players can summon Torrent with the help of the Spectral Steed Whistle but only during the solo gameplay. You cannot use his help during PVP or Co-op game sessions. Players can not only use Torrent to navigate the vast lands but also to reach higher areas and locations easily. It’s important to remember that fall damage still comes into the picture even if you are riding the horse. But if you land on or near the whirlpools which also propel you up, your horse won’t die.

Also, you cannot summon Torrent in dungeons, catacombs, and other such underground areas – you’re on your own there.


Horseback Combat Tips and Tricks

You don’t require a mount to fight enemies, but things do get easier when you use Torrent. Players can dodge attacks better and land heavy attacks and evade them quickly while being mounted. It also makes the fights more fun. In case you are new to the genre, understanding how combat works, in this case, is useful because you may die less often and have the chance to escape if things go sideways.

In my experience, using the heavy attack at the right time is great to drain enemy health by quite a bit. Make sure you are always in a position where you can land an attack and quickly distance yourself from the enemy so that they cannot take a swing at you.


You can also jump with your horse to land a light attack whenever required. You might need to go slower against some enemies, while for some, your horse might need to sprint.

Another thing that worked for me was to NOT lock on to an enemy while mounted. The camera will stay limited and you may find it more challenging to beat the foe. Instead, turn the camera around as you wish and use the controls mentioned below at the right time.

Lastly, remember to use the right weapon if you are planning to do mounted combat most of the time. There are some which work very well while you are on horseback and can do some heavy damage with charged attacks (if timed perfectly). For example, the Lance, Winged Spear, Ordovis Greatsword are some good ones you can try. Plus, don’t forget sorceries such as the Glintblade Phalanx which will create a defensive arch of magic Glintblades that attack nearby enemies on its own. Like this one, choose those sorceries which can be cast while in motion.

Also try the Flame of Frenzy, Beast Claw, and Rejection incantations which may do some good work for you on horseback.

elden ring mounted combat explained

Elden Ring Controls with a Horse Mount

Here are the Elden Ring controls with a horse mount:

  • Pressing R2 or RT lands a heavy attack on the RIGHT side of Torrent
  • Pressing L2 or LT lands a heavy attack on the LEFT side of Torrent
  • Similarly, pressing R1 or RB lands a light attack on the RIGHT side
  • Pressing L1 or LB lands a light attack on the LEFT side

This is crucial to remember because knowing these controls can turn the fight in your favor. You can plan your position better but remember that you cannot block or parry incoming attacks. You can only dodge and jump.

What happens when Torrent is Injured or Dies?

In case Torrent takes some damage, you can heal him with the help of Rowa Raisins which can be found throughout the Lands Between. With Rowa Raisins collected, you must craft a Rowa Fruit and for that, you will need to unlock Crafting first.

Now, the enemies in Elden Ring are ruthless and if Torrent ends up dying, you can revive him with a Flask of Crimson Tears.

So, there you have it. Getting better at mounted combat in Elden Ring all boils down to knowing the controls, timing, the right weapon, spell and practice. For more on Elden Ring, don’t miss out on our guides on Gamer Tweak.