Fortnite Horror Map Codes (August 2023) – Top 10 Best Maps

Here are the best Fortnite Horror Map Codes that you need to play

Fortnite Creative 2.0 is working charms and these are some of the best Horror Map Codes that players can try right now. Since horror is one of the favorite genres of most players, these maps will provide you with the thrill, jump scares, and a dose of excitement that you are looking for.

Fortnite Horror Map Codes List (2023)

  • One Last Sacrifice – 2898-6711-4466
  • Jigsaw the Nightmare – 2 9342-7586-1491
  • Emily Wants To Play – 3959-2728-0956
  • Scare! The 13th Part II – 9651-4257-2527
  • Choice – 4147-1805-2195
  • The Backrooms – 4284-8758-1462
  • Mannequin Warehouse – The Night Shift – 5351-4440-5726
  • Evil 21 Awaits: Samantha – 9059-5575-6936
  • Mystic Mansion – 9872-3680-6180
  • Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796
  • Living Manor – 0863-1321-3485
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s – 1393-6270-2901
  • Oliver Japanese Horror Map Code- 5279-5436-2390
  • Evil awaits lucy – 5706-4716-3544
  • Resident Evil 7 Recreation – 6496-9997-4696
  • Patient 104 – 5553-3300-1757
  • The Cursed Forest – 6024-5002-6192
  • Bad Dreams – 5707-5919-7318

1. Mystic Mansion – 9872-3680-6180

Mystic Mansion

The mansion is a two in one game where you can enjoy a Mario party on one side and a board game puzzle on the other. The puzzles are fun to play with and will haunt you at the same time. This is a very spooky Fortnite map and probably will give you nightmares.

2. Dead by Fortlight – 8099-5981-3796

This game will have a character chase a couple of you with an infinity blade. Your task is to take out all the generators to survive. You need unity to get through the game and all your teammates can work together to hide and distract the killer and escape.

3. Living Manor – 0863-1321-3485

Living manor

This map will make turn the players against each other to win the game. With only a torch as your weapon, you will soon find out how haunting and scary the game can be.

4. Five Nights at Freddy’s – 1393-6270-2901

Five Nights At Freddys

Our favorite five nights at Freddy’s is on Fortnite now. It captures the true essence of the game on Fortnite and is a must-play.

5. Oliver Japanese Horror Map Code – 5279-5436-2390

Fortnite Horror Maps Codes

You know it is going to be spooky if there is a clown chasing you. With a Japanese setting of the environment, you will have to escape the clown and some weird places that will close in on you.

6. Evil awaits lucy – 5706-4716-3544

Fortnite Horror Maps Codes

Babysitting a little girl named Lucy may seem all fun and games but you will soon realize that it not. With jump scares and perfect soundtracks complimenting it, this may be one of the most haunting maps in Fortnite.

7. Resident Evil 7 Recreation – 6496-9997-4696

Resident Evil is usually in the same sentence with horror. And the best thing you can ask for is a Fortnite and a Resident evil Mashup. Fight the zombies Fortnite style in this Resident Evil 7 Recreation map.

8. Patient 104 – 5553-3300-1757

This map is an eerie hospital setting where there is a little bit of everything. A jump scare here and some exploration there, this is one of the coolest maps that does not have a lot of technical and heavy puzzles. You can just enjoy the game without being all nerdy.

9.The Cursed Forest – 6024-5002-6192

The cursed forest map has an environment that is pretty dark and haunted with creepy jungles and graveyards. This game screams horror and can get quite adventurous pretty soon.

10. Bad Dreams – 5707-5919-7318

Bad dreams will make you experience true horror with the question of whether you are really awake or not. These are relatively short maps and the mechanics are such that you will have to rethink about playing it alone.

So that is all for our guide on scary Fortnite Horror Map Codes with jump scares. If you would like to know Parkour map codes, we have an article on that too for you to check out.