Is There A Hope Skin In Fortnite?

Vedant Shanbhag
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Fortnite is a game about more than just skills. Collecting the rarest skins and emotes is a huge part of the gaming experience Fortnite can offer. Each new update brings all new skins for players to try out and collect. But fans were wondering whether their most awaited skin is finally in the game. Is there a Hope Skin in Fortnite?

Is There a Hope Skin in Fortnite?

is there a hope skin in Fortnite

The recent update of the game might have added some quality-of-life improvements but fans aren’t happy with the lack of fresh Skins. Other than some rumors and leaks, there is no confirmation of a Hope Skin in Fortnite. Players will have to wait a while before they can get any Hope Skins. A supposed leak back in January was met with mixed results, so maybe Epic is changing its designs for a Hope Skin.

But there is one Hope Skin you can still purchase in the game. In season 8 chapter 2, Epic released the Fallen Light Pack. This pack contained an alternate version of Ark also known as D’Ark. Along with the rare Harvest Tool Dark Blessing, the pack also contains the Back Bling skin, Shattered Hope. The entire bundle can be bought at the item shop for $3.99.

Any news about Hope Skin dropping is scarce. Fans shouldn’t worry too much as Epic is always trying to keep the game fresh with regular drops of new skins. By our estimation, a Hope Skin is right around the corner. We’ll just have to wait and see. In the meantime, you can take a look at our List of all the Weapons in Chapter 4 season 2.

That’s all we have on if there is a Hope Skin in Fortnite. Check out How to get the Emerald Axe or How to get XP fast for more Fortnite guides here on Gamer Tweak.

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