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Hood Outlaws And Legends: How To Use Abilities?

Here’s how you can use the character abilities in Hood Outlaws and Legends

Hood outlaws and legends has an interesting 4v4 multiplayer premise which pits you against AI and other players at the same time. The combat of the game is fairly simple given how much of it is driven by combat. Most of the combat depends upon the character you choose and its skills. There are four characters in the game each having very different abilities and fighting styles. All of them have their advantage, so here’s how you can use Character abilities in Hood Outlaws and Legends.

What Abilities You Can Use And How To Use Them In Hood Outlaws And Legends?


Hood outlaws and legends abilities

Hood has four characters to choose from, each character has their own unique ability. Below is the list of characters and abilities.

Character Ability
Ranger Can shoot exploding arrows
Hunter Hunter can turn invisible to the guards and other teams. This makes her very integral to the Heist
Brawler The Brawler directly impacts the strength and defenses of the team
Mystic Mystic can stun the other team, buying his teammates time and his long-range attacks help clear the area for his teammates.



Now that you know about all the abilities let’s see how you can use them. Play station players need to press the “Triangle” button to use them. X box players can use the abilities by pressing the “Y” button.  Ranger and Hunter are flexible and agile whereas the Brawler and Mystic tend to stick in one place and dish out the damage. All four of them are unique and we would recommend you to use all of them enough to know which one suits your style the best. Players should also remember that you can’t use these abilities after you have raised the alarms. Once the alarms are off the only way out is your stealth skills.

Now that you know how to use the abilities, do check our article to know more about the Character classes and abilities in Hood Outlaws and Legends.