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Hood Outlaws And Legends: How To Play Marianne?

Let’s see how you can play as Marianne in Hood Outlaws and Legends

There are some other characters as well like Marianne, you can explore within Hood Outlaws and Legends. Although the game is named after Robinhood the developers have done a good job building the other characters and giving each of them special attributes. While there are multiple characters for you to play as in this article we’ll be showing you how to play Marianne in Hood Outlaws and Legends.

How To Play As Marianne In Hood Outlaws And Legends?


Hood outlaws and legends Marianne
Players get to play all four characters in the tutorial. After the tutorial ends you are back to Robinhood. You can change the character once you are back at the hideout after a heist. Check the kiosk on your right. You will be able to choose any of the four characters you want. Marianne the hunter is the perfect blend of Melee and ranged combat. With her crossbow and flexibility this one, shouldn’t be missed. The combat of the game heavily depends on the character and its traits. For example, when you press the dodge button Marianne and Robinhood will dodge but Tooke and John will block instead of dodging. Stealth and ranged combat is Marianne’s strength. With her ability to go invisible Marianne is the best choice if you want to do more sneaking.

Marianne’s Abilities And The Perks You Should Use

You also get 3 perk slots to add to the capabilities of your character. With Marianne one of the best perks is Efficient Assassination, which enables her to assassinate faster and also increases the refill speed of her ability meter enabling her to go invisible more often. The Phantom stalker ability adds to her invisibility making it more difficult for her to be detected. The ability is unlocked at level 9 so we would recommend you to use the Efficient Assassinations ability as it will also give you more XP points per kill, helping you upgrade faster. Silent Slaughter is another perk you can use which increases her stealth time and enables her to Assassinate faster, this ability is available at level 4 making it the most important among the three.


Marianne’s crossbow might seem to have one shot but when loaded to its capacity it gives you 3 consecutive shots. Her agility combined with her stamina allows you to run away really quickly and dish out back-to-back attacks at enemies. Consecutive attacks are a very good way to get leverage over other enemies and killing them as well.

This was all you needed to know about Marianne. Do check out our article to know more about Robinhood in Hood Outlaws and Legends.