How To Earn Holowear Tickets In Pokemon Unite?

If you're looking for ways to earn holowear tickets in pokemon unite, then this guide is just what you need! We've enlisted ways in which you can get them!

It’s important to know how you can obtain Holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite. The in-game currency provides the options to unlock skins and cosmetics. Since Pokemon Unite isn’t following the orthodox route of exploration, you’ll have to rely on matches to earn currency. This guide lists out ways you can get Holowear tickets in-game without purchasing it from the store. You can use these at the zirco storefront. These will fetch you some outfits for your Pokemon and get them looking all glammed up!

How to Get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite?

holowear pokemon unite

Since there are a very limited number of ways by which you can earn Holowear tickets in-game, you’ll have to focus on them. In order to learn those methods and earn yourself some sweet Holowear tickets to spend on skins and cosmetic upgrades, follow the undermentioned steps:

  • Grind your way to the maximum level on the battle pass.
  • This will grant you a battle pass prize box which contains Holowear tickets.
  • Post the max battle pass level- every 130 points, you earn a prize box more which contains Holowear tickets.
  • Alternatively, there exists the “Energy Rewards” cannister which can drop you some Holowear tickets if you’re lucky after spending some energy.

Remember to not roll away your precious energy points over for a shot at the holowear tickets. Pokemon Unite is more than just cosmetic and skins upgrades and it’s important to reserve your energy for matches. These will help you unlock Pokemon and other in-game items. Holowear tickets, for now, don’t serve any purpose other than the zirco outfit exchange. However, Timi studio group has announced that they will look to include more Holowear earning options in later updates.

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