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How To Unlock Holobob In Destroy All Humans Remake

The Holobob is a great weapon that will help you blend in with the humans

The Holobob in Destroy All Humans! Remake is a weapon that will help you transform into a human. If you want to know about how to get the holobob and how to use it in Destroy All Humans! Remake, this article has covered everything that you need to know.

How To Get Holobob In Destroy All Humans! Remake


Destroy All Humans! Remake as it says is the remake of the cult classic of the same name which was first released all the way back in 2005.

Of all the alien shenanigans that you see in the game like the Anal Probe, the Holobob is one unique weapon that will help you serve well in the game.

The Holobob literally, helps you transform literally into any human being that you wish to. While you are wearing the human disguise, the human will be frozen and unable to move.


The Holobob is available right from the start of the game, once you are done with the first mission you will get your hands on the weapon.

This amazing little thing will help Crypto the alien, take the identity of any human, and walk amongst them without being detected, while this is a neat little gadget to have. You need to be careful with it.

If a human sees you using the Holobob, your cover will be busted, and the humans will attack Crypto’s new form. If a human sees you exiting your human form, you will be marked as well.


If this happens to you, the best option is to either kill the human or run and hide until the humans give up trying to find you.

You also have to keep in mind that while you’re in a human form you won’t be able to board the laser-equipped flying saucer.

To activate Holobob, all you have to do is target the human you want to replicate and then press UP on the D-Pad. This will create a holographic image of your target for Crypto to use.


The human will be frozen and invisible until the ability runs out; you can clone other humans to keep on your disguise of a human being by scanning more humans as you are close to running out.

All you have to do is activate the Cortex Scan Ability by press Y on the Xbox One controller and Triangle on the PlayStation 4 controller.

The Holobob will certainly open up a lot of possibilities but there are a few restrictions too that will provide for a much-balanced experience. This is all there is to know about how to get the Holobob in Destroy All Humans! Remake.

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