What Are Holo Cards In NBA 2K23? – Answered

What’s the deal with Holo Cards in NBA 2K23? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

One of the many sections of NBA 2K23 that remain unexplored and unexplained is the Holo Cards in MyTEAM Mode. Players are wondering if these cards have any special purpose other than being all shiny and having a holo effect on them. Well, this concern is completely justifiable as the stats of a regular card and its holo version are exactly the same. So how is that card any special? Does it bring any value to your deck? And what should you actually do with a Holo Card in NBA 2K23? Let’s know it all.

Holo Cards are Important for Completing Agendas

What Are Holo Cards In NBA 2K23
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While playing MyTeam Mode, you might have come across different Agendas that are either team-focused or player-focused. The objectives in the Agendas are shuffled and you might come across one where you will need a Holo Card. In a broader sense, some tasks will include playing a match as a player recruited from the Holo Card. So to complete that task and earn XP, new cards, and other rewards, you will need Holo Cards in NBA 2K23.

Even though the stats of regular and Holo Cards are the same, you can consider the latter as a rarer version. I suppose this is one of the reasons why such cards have a higher bidding value at the Auction House.

One fine day, if you plan to own a Holo Card in 2K23, then you must know how to acquire it. Well, we have some information about that part as well.

Here’s How to Get Holo Cards in NBA 2K23

It goes with saying that one of the most common ways to get a Holo Card is from a Pack. However, that’s not a guaranteed method as you might receive some other variants as well. But you can give it a try, I mean, it’s worth it.

Another way of obtaining a Holo Card is simply bidding for it in the Auction House. Numerous players want to accumulate some MT (MyTEAM Points) and so, they put their Holo Cards for sale. If you have enough MT, then you can surely get your hands on a Holo Card instantly in NBA 2K23.

You can also complete objectives that have rewards associated with a Holo Card, if available. But that would be too uncertain as the objectives are never the same.

And with that said, I hope you have your thoughts cleared about the Holo Cards in NBA 2K23. For more information like this, feel free to check out our dedicated section for NBA 2K23 Guides on Gamer Tweak.