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Hogwarts Legacy: How Important Is Your Wand’s Wood And Core Type?

Does the type of wood and core you choose for your wand matter? Let's find out.

Hogwarts Legacy is the game Harry Potter fans have been waiting for. A fully detailed and realized world of magic just waiting to be discovered. Just like every young wizard you too must buy yourself a trusty wand from Ollivanders. But all the different wood types, shapes, lengths, and cores have players wondering how important is a wand’s core and wood type in Hogwarts Legacy

Do a Wand’s Wood and Core Type Matter in Hogwarts Legacy?

wand core and wood Hogwarts Legacy

Just like Harry on his first visit to Ollivander’s, you too will unsuccessfully try out a few wands until Ollivander hands you that perfect one. This wand will be randomized and here you can either stick with Ollivander’s pick or make your own wand. Keep in mind that any choice you make on the wand core and wood is purely cosmetic and does not in any way affect the spells you cast in Hogwarts Legacy. Players get a chance to make a wand that perfectly suits their style and aesthetic. The variations in style and look are nearly endless with 24 different wand styles and 38 types of wood to choose from. The final choice will be the wand’s core where you can pick one of the following three, Dragon Heartstring, Unicorn Hair, and Phoenix Feather.

While there is no real effect on your abilities these options let fans role-play as some of their favorite witches and wizards from the world of Harry Potter. Keep in mind that once you decide on your wand, you cannot change it unless you start the game as a new character. Those looking to add to the look of their wands after leaving Ollivanders can search the open world for 42 different wand handles that will give your wand that extra charm.

That’s all you need to know about wands in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out Hogwarts Wiki and other Guides on Gamer tweak for all things wizard.