Hitman 3 Florida Man And How To Complete Der Ami Challenge

Here's how to find Hitman 3 Florida Man and how to complete Der Ami Challenge.

The Florida man disguise has the same area access rights as the default starting suit in Berlin. But obtaining the disguise is essential to complete the discovery challenge Der Ami, and is part of 10 disguises in Chameleon Challenge Berlin. So let’s look at how to complete the Der Ami challenge by taking Hitman 3 Florida Man’s disguise.

Who Is Florida Man in Hitman 3?

Nichola Velmorres aka “Florida Man” is first introduced in Hitman 2 as a food vendor from Miami. He has become a local celebrity by selling coconut balls at his very successful food stand. In Hitman 2, his disguise is an important part of The Munchies Mission Story. Using his disguise Agent 47 gets access to his food stand, which can be used to sever poisoned coconut balls to Robert Knox, your target Hitman 2’s second mission The Finish Line in Miami. So naturally, we were excited to see him return to Hitman 3, but this time in Berlin during the Apex Predator mission his disguise access privileges are pretty close to nothing.

Where to Find Florida Man in Hitman 3?

Florida Man is inside the nightclub, and can be found near Projection Bar and mainly in Basement Bar of Level -2. But in Hitman 3 the Florida man disguise does not grant any special privileges, like extra access to any special areas like other disguises.

How to Complete the Hitman 3 Der Ami Challenge?

Der Ami Challenge
In Hitman 3 Der Ami, you need to disguise yourself as Florida Man

To complete the Der Ami challenge, you have to put on the Florida Man disguise. You take on the Drug Dealer disguise, then approach Florida Man and talk to him.  Then he will follow you to any secluded area you want. Subdue him and take the Florida Man disguise to complete Der Ami Challenge in Hitman 3.

How to Get Hitman 3 Florida Man Disguise?

You can easily recognize Florida Man. Like in Hitman 2, he wears very Zebra striped pants, a tank top with “NEU KLN” written on it, hoop earrings, gaudy sunglasses, and a fake ponytail attached to a skull cap. And yes he will be wearing his sunglasses inside the club too. You can easily find him using your instinct mode. Compared to normal NPCs He has a considerably wacky walk pattern and silhouette. He will be roaming around Basement Bar in Level -2 or else you can find him near Projection Bar.

To get Florida Man Disguise you need to bring him to a secluded area by making him follow you. You can use the Drug Dealer disguise and talk to Florida Man to make him follow you. But if you replaying the map to complete the Der Ami Challenge or Berlin Chameleon Challenge, then there easiest way is to subdue or kill him anywhere in an open area or while he’s exiting the basement bar to take his disguise. Yes, you will be shot at by the guards, but you can complete the challenge fairly quickly.

That’s everything you need to know about Hitman 3 Florida Man and how to complete the Der Ami Challenge. While you’re here check out our other Hitman 3 guides.