Hitman 3 Estate Wines Challenge Guide

Mendoza has one of the well-renowned vineyards in South America. This the perfect place for Agent 47 to collect bottles of Cabernet, Malbec, and Pinot Noir as part of the Estate Wines Challenge.

To complete Hitman 3 Estate Wines Discovery Challenge, you have to find and collect three bottles of different wines from the map. Both Cabernet & Malbec can be collected from the reception area. The third bottle of Pinot Noir can be found in a room one floor above the reception.
Hitman 3 Mendoza Farewell Mission

During the Farewell Mission in Mendoza, which takes place in a vineyard, the developers have included this Estate Wines Discovery Challenge to appreciate the value of Mendoza as Argentina’s most important wine region. Mendoza produces almost two-thirds of the country’s wine production.

How to complete Estate Wines Challenge in Hitman 3?

Here’s the easy way to complete the challenge:

  • Once you enter the party, head towards the main reception area.
  • At the right end of the reception table, you will find the first bottle of Malbec.
    Hitman 3 Estate Wines Challenge Bottles
  • Pick up a bottle, and go to the right where two gentlemen are talking (one in blue and the other in a white suit).
  • Pick up Cabernet Sauvignon from their table as they will be facing away from the bottle.
    Estate Wines Challenge Hitman 3
  • Now go outside, and take stairways to one level above the reception.
  • Keep on the left side while moving ahead. You will come across a door which says “staff only” near where the party guests are on this level.
    Estate Wines Discovery Challenge Hitman 3
  • As soon as you enter the room, you will find the bottle of Pinot Noir near a wine barrel.
  • You have completed Estate Wines Challenge in Hitman 3 by collecting three Wine bottles.
    Estate Wines Discovery Challenge in Hitman 3

Check out this YouTube video by innvik, which will allow you to pick all three wines from a single room at the same time.

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