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Check Out What Happens To Diana Burnwood After Hitman 3

Do you want to know what happens to Diana Burnwood after Hitman 3? Check out the Hitman 3 Diana Ending here

Diana ending in Hitman 3 gives a glimpse of things that turned out after the events of Hitman 3. Things take place almost a year after the final events and it looks like things have finally changed. If you want to know about Diana ending in Hitman 3 keep reading.

Hitman 3 Diana Ending – What happens in the Last Level Ending?

While Agent 47 is the protagonist of the Hitman series, players have been wondering about what happens to Diana Burnwood. Well, there are a few things that do happen after the ending of Hitman 3 if you manage to take down Providence by injecting Arthur Edwards with the serum.

hitman 3 diana ending

You get to see Agent 47 walk into a cabin while talking to Diana, Agent 47 says, “It’s good to be back“. While this time the interpretation is the fact that they’re not handler and agent anymore but work as partners working in an effort to take down people who wish to destroy the world.

Diana gets to become the head of Providence and works her way to destroy the organization from the inside out. While it looks like this will be the conclusion to the IO Interactive Hitman series, there’s a huge possibility that if they ever do get back into the series, there’s a good continuation point for players to get back into.

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Hitman 3 ends in the mountains of Romania, where Agent 47 came into being and was made into a ruthless killing machine, which gives a nice end to both Agent 47 and Diana.

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Diana during the ending mentions that she’s wiped off all the data of Agent 47 crimes and both of them can start afresh once again. This is all there is to know about Diana’s Ending in Hitman 3.