IO Interactive Releases Hitman 2 DLC Which Takes Agent 47 To New York

The first DLC Location for Hitman 2 has been officially released by IO Interactive, the new location named The Bank is in New York City and you will have to assassinate your target by slipping through tight security.

hitman 2 new location

Check out the trailer which gives a brief about the mission in New York and get ready

Hitman games have been synonymous with stealth kills and takedowns but you would often be placed in a secluded area, but now things are starting to go public and you will have to be extra careful. Hitman 2 has been well received and this new location will add more elements to the game.

The Bank is an expansion pack which costs around $40 and you can get the location if you purchase the $100 Gold Edition.

There have been several locations throughout this Hitman installment with Agent 47 traveling all over the globe in search for answers and silencing those on his hit list.

Hitman 2 brings all new ways of dealing with a contract and you can find multiple ways of finishing the same missions over and over again which brings out the best of you.

Along with this New York Map, you also get to go back to Mumbai for the Illusions Of Grandeur mission and Santa Fortuna for the Embrace Of The Serpent.