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All Answers To The History Quiz In Dying Light 2

Here are all of the answers to the History Quiz side-quest in Dying Light 2.

The History Quiz in Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a side quest that will test your knowledge about the game. The world was ravaged by the Harran Virus and knowing the past before it is important. “A people without the knowledge of their history, origin, and culture are like a tree without roots.”, a quote by Marcus Garvey perfectly describes why knowledge is important. Aside from this, on completing the History Quiz side quest, you will be rewarded with some good loot. In this guide, I will show you the Answers to the History Quiz side-quest in Dying Light 2.

All History Quiz Answers In Dying Light 2


history quiz dying light 2

The History Quiz side-quest is given by Jax. An NPC on top of the Rooftop School Settlement in the Garrison Territory. Upon interacting with him, he will quiz on the past events regarding the lore of Dying Light 2. On responding yes, he will ask you three questions. Here are the questions for the History Quiz and their Answers as well.

  • Q: What event went down in history as “Black Monday“?
    • Answer: The Chemical Bombings of 2025.
  • Q: I mentioned the March Massacre before. Any clue what happened on this day?
    • Answer: The army killed 64 civilians protesting against disarming them.
  • Q: But do you remember when the Harran Events happened?
    • Answer: Spring 2014.


Once you have answered the three questions properly from the History Quiz, you will be rewarded with 400 Old World Coins and The Catacombs Momento as well as some compliments from Jax in Dying Light 2. If you do mess up the answers, don’t worry as you can sleep through the day, come back and retake the quiz. To get the side-quest in Dying Light 2, you will have to activate the Juniper Windmill and assign the Garrison Electrical Station to your associated Faction.

This was all about the History Quiz side-quest in Dying Light 2. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guides on Sophie Or Aitor Choice Guide in Dying Light 2.